Important : Flash Player 11.5 & above integratesthe Access module, so the update step (calling SystemUpdater.update(SystemUpdaterType.DRM) )is unnecessary. This includes the following browsers & platforms:

Flash Player 11.5 ActiveX control, for all platformsexcept internet Explorer on Windows 8

Flash Player 11.5 plugin, for all browsers AIR (desktop and mobile)

This means that the update step is still required in thefollowing cases:

internet Explorer on Windows 8

Flash Player 11.4 & below, except on Google Chrome 22 andabove (all platforms) or 21 & above (Windows)

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Note: You can still safely gọi SystemUpdater.update(SystemUpdaterType.DRM) ona system with Flash Player 11.5 or higher, but nothing is downloaded.

To tư vấn Access, Flash Player requires the Accessmodule. When Flash Player tries khổng lồ play protected content, the runtimeindicates if the module or a new version of Flash Player must bedownloaded. In this way, Flash Player allows SWF developers theoption of not updating if desired.

In most cases, lớn play protected content, SWF developers updateto the required Access module or player. To update, you canuse the SystemUpdater API khổng lồ get the latest version of the socialgame.vnAccess module or of Flash Player.

The SystemUpdater API permits only one update at a time. Theerror code 2202 indicates that an update is already occurring inthe current runtime instance or another instance. For example, ifan update is occurring in a Flash Player instance in mạng internet Explorer,an update cannot proceed in a Flash Player instance running in Firefox.

The SystemUpdater API is supported for desktop platforms only.

Note: For versions of Flash Player earlier than 10.1, use theupdate mechanism supported in earlier player versions (manual downloadand install from or ExpressInstall). Also, the AIRinstaller handles necessary updates for Access and does notsupport the SystemUpdater API.

When an update of the Access module is required, the NetStreamobject dispatches a NetStatusEvent with a code value of DRM.UpdateNeeded .This value indicates that the NetStream object cannot play backthe protected stream with any of the currently installed Accessmodules. Listen for this event and hotline the following code:

SystemUpdater.update(flash.system.SystemUpdaterType.DRM) Thiscode updates the Access module installed in the player. Userconsent for this module update is not required.
If the Access module is not found, an error is thrown.See step 3 of the Detailed API workflow .

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Note: If play() is called on an encrypted stream in players earlierthan 10.1, a NetStatusEvent with code value of NetStream.Play.StreamNotFoundis dispatched. For earlier players, use the update mechanism supportedfor those players (manual tải về and install from ExpressInstall).

When an update of the player itself is required, the SystemUpdaterobject dispatches a StatusEvent with a code value of DRM.UpdateNeededButIncompatible isdispatched. For an update of the player, user consent is required.In your application, provide an interface for the user to agreeto và initiate the update of the player. Listen for the StatusEvent eventand call the following code:

SystemUpdater.update(flash.system.SystemUpdaterType.SYSTEM); Thiscode initiates the update of the player.
Additional events for the SystemUpdater class are documentedin the ActionScript 3.0 Reference for the socialgame.vnFlash Platform .

After the player update completes, the user is redirected tothe page where the update began. The Access module is downloaded,and the stream can begin playing.


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