The following step-by-step guide describes how to lớn create a basic Pivot Table in Excel 2003. If you have a more recent version of Excel, go khổng lồ the Create a Pivot Table page.

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This example uses the spreadsheet below, which contains records of a company"s sales figures during 2010:

We will first create a very simple pivot table, which shows the total sales for each of the four sales reps in the above spreadsheet. To vì this in Excel 2003:


Click any single cell within the data or select the entire range of data that you want to lớn use in your Pivot Table.

(Note: If you click any single cell within the data range, Excel will select the whole of your current data range as the range to lớn be used in your Pivot Table.)


From the drop-down menu at the vị trí cao nhất of your spreadsheet, select Data → PivotTable and PivotChart Report...

You will be presented with the window entitled "PivotTable and PivotChart Wizard - Step 1 of 3" (shown on the rightabove).

Make sure the options

"Microsoft Office Excel danh sách or database"



are selected & click Next.


You will now be presented with the dialog box entitled "PivotTable & PivotChart Wizard - Step 2 of 3" (see rightabove).

Make sure that the selected range is the range that you want to lớn use for your Pivot Table & click Next.


The final dialog box is entitled "PivotTable và PivotChart Wizard - Step 3 of 3" (see rightabove).

This box contains an option asking if you want the Pivot Table khổng lồ appear on a new worksheet or in an existing worksheet. This allows you lớn place your pivot table in a specified worksheet if you want to. Otherwise, select the default option New worksheet.

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Click Finish.


Excel will now present you with an empty Pivot Table, & a "Pivot Table Field List", which contains the data fields (note that these are the column headers from your data spreadsheet).

Drag the "Sales Rep." field into the area of the Pivot Table marked "Drop Row Fields Here".

Drag the "Amount" field into the area of the Pivot Table marked "Drop Data Items Here".

You will be presented with the simple Pivot Table (see rightabove), which shows the total sales for each sales person.

If you want the sales lớn be displayed as a currency, this is done by formatting the cells containing these values. To bởi vì this:

Select the column containing the cells lớn be formatted;Right click on this column with the mouse and select the option Format Cells ...
;The "Format Cells" dialog box will be displayed. Ensure the Number tab of this dialog box is selected;From the các mục of data types, select Currency, và then, from the options that appear on the right, select the currency type và the number of decimal places that you want lớn display;Click OK.

Your final Pivot Table will be as shown in the table on the right above.

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