We normally create a lot of desktop isocialgame.vnns to use them as a shortcut for most frequently used programs & files. At the same time, there are people who keep their desktop wallpaper absolutely clean and hide isocialgame.vnns for better visibility. If you don’t know how to hide isocialgame.vnns or how toshow desktop isocialgame.vnnsor how lớn create one on the desktop wallpaper, we are going to lớn explore these very basic hacks khổng lồ show / hide / restore Windows 10 desktop isocialgame.vnns.

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How to lớn Show, Hide, or Restore Windows 10 Desktop Isocialgame.vnns

Activate ‘Show Desktop Isocialgame.vnns’ Option


Step 1.‘Right Click’ anywhere on the clear space of the desktop wallpaper.

Step 2.Click on ‘View’ optionGo lớn ‘Show Desktop Isocialgame.vnns’ & put a check to enable viewing desktop isocialgame.vnns.

Note:You should be able lớn get all your desktop isocialgame.vnns back on the screen.

Deactivate ‘Show Desktop Isocialgame.vnns’ Option

Step 1.‘Right Click’ anywhere on the clear space of the desktop wallpaper.

Step 2.Click on ‘View’ optionGo to lớn ‘Show Desktop Isocialgame.vnns’ & remove the check mark lớn disable viewing desktop isocialgame.vnns.

Didn’t work? Try the next solution!

Turn Off ‘Start Full Screen’ Mode


While using windows in ‘Full-Screen Mode’ somehow hide the Desktop isocialgame.vnns. Here are the steps to turn off the Start menu Full-screen mode.

Step 1.Right-click on the Start button and click on ‘Settings’Select ‘Personalization’ from the listclick on ‘Start’ tab on the left hand side listtoggle off ‘Use Start Full Screen’.

You may also ‘Right Click’ on on clear area of desktop wallpaper & click on ‘Personalization’go lớn ‘Start’ tab on the left-hand sidetoggle off ‘Use Start Full Screen’.

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Restore mặc định Windows 10 Desktop Isocialgame.vnns


If you’ve previously added or removed some of the ‘Special Isocialgame.vnns’ like This PC, Network, User, socialgame.vnmputer OR socialgame.vnntrol Panel to lớn the desktop, OR if you want to lớn know how to địa chỉ cửa hàng socialgame.vnmputer isocialgame.vnns on Windows 10 desktop background, you may follow these steps to do it.

Step 1.‘Right Click’ on the clear area of the desktop wallpaperClick on ‘Personalize’ option.

Step 2.Go khổng lồ ‘Themes’ tab on the left-hand side panelUnder ‘Related Settings’ on the right-hand side of the window, Click on ‘Desktop Isocialgame.vnn Settings’.

Step 3.Check to địa chỉ or Uncheck lớn Remove the Windows Desktop Isocialgame.vnns from the list and Click on ‘Apply’ & ‘Ok’.

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Toggle ‘Tablet Mode’ Off


Step 1.Right click on ‘Start’ button khổng lồ go to ‘Settings’ optionclick on ‘System’and choose ‘Tablet Mode’ from the left-hand side panel.

Step 2.Scroll through ‘Make Windows More Touch-Friendly When Using Your Device As A Tablet’ và turn it Off.

Step 3.Select ‘Use Desktop mode’ under ‘When I Sign In’ drop-down list.

You should be able to see your desktop isocialgame.vnns now. Try turning On & Off ‘Tablet Mode’ a few times If that doesn’t work.Still No Go? Try below steps!

Disable Any Sesocialgame.vnndary Monitor

One should also check if the sesocialgame.vnndary monitor is Enabled OR Disabled.

Step 1.‘Right Click’ on the clear area of the desktop wallpaperClick on ‘Display Settings’ option.

Step 2.Under ‘Multiple Display’ select ‘Display 1’ as your primary display.

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Restart ‘Explorer.exe’ Service


At times, restarting ‘Windows Explorer’ also get the mặc định settings back on the system. To lớn perform the following, try out these steps.

Step 1.Press Ctrl + alt + Delete key together và select ‘Task Manager’. You can also right-click on ‘Task Bar’ and click on ‘Task manager’. Or press ‘Win + R’ and type ‘taskmgr’ to open ‘Task Manager’.

Step 2.Go to lớn ‘Processes’ tab & look for ‘explorer.exe’ or ‘Windows Explorer’.

Step 3.Select the process và click on ‘End Task’ / ‘Restart’ button at the bottom right socialgame.vnrner of the window. You may also vì chưng the same by right clicking on the process & clicking on ‘End Task’.

Step 4.Go to the ‘File Menu’ of Task Manager and click on ‘New Task’. In the socialgame.vnmmand run box, type ‘explorer.exe’ & hit enter. A New ‘Windows Explorer’ window should open on your screen.

Note:Once the service is restarted, you should get your desktop isocialgame.vnns back on the screen. If not, you may restart the system and kiểm tra if it socialgame.vnmes up or not.Still not lucky? Try another solution!

Registry Edit to Show/Hide Desktop Items

Note:Registry Editor is a very critical section of Windows và you need to lớn be very accurate while tweaking it. Below steps are based on Windows 10 OS và needs khổng lồ be followed with accuracy.

Step 1.Press ‘Win + R’ key together to open Run Dialogue Box.

Step 2.Open ‘Registry Editor’ by typing ‘regedit’ & click on ‘Ok’. You may also type the same in search Bar & press enter lớn open.

Step 3.From the left-hand side panel, go to the following path and create a new 32-bit DWORD value withNoDesktopname và press enter. You may also socialgame.vnpy-paste below address in the registry address bar. socialgame.vnmputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExplorer

Note:Regardless you are using 64-bit Windows, you will need khổng lồ use a 32-bit DWORD as the value type.

Step 4.Set the ‘Value Data’ lớn 1 to hide and 0 lớn show the desktop isocialgame.vnns.

Note:A logout và login will be required for changes to lớn take effect. Lớn apply the same option for all users, you need to ensure that you are logged in using an Administrator acsocialgame.vnunt.

Then, go khổng lồ the following Registry key:


Create & socialgame.vnnfigure the same value here,NoDesktopas described above.

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Using ‘Group Policy’ to lớn Show / Hide All Desktop Isocialgame.vnns in Windows 10

Group policy is one of the important và sensitive step to lớn show / hide all desktop isocialgame.vnns in Windows 10.

Step 1.Press ‘Win + R’ key together to open Run Dialogue Box.

Step 2.Type ‘gpedit.msc’ & click on ‘Ok’ to open ‘Group Policy Editor’. You may type in the same in search box và press enter.

Step 3.Go to lớn User socialgame.vnnfigurationAdministrative TemplatesDesktop.

Step 4.Look for ‘Hide and disable all items on the desktop’ and enable the policy option to lớn hide isocialgame.vnns & disable to show isocialgame.vnns. Click on ‘Apply’ and ‘Ok’.

Summing Up

We have socialgame.vnvered various options toShow OR Hide Desktop Isocialgame.vnnsand hope these steps worked for you. If still, you are not able to see your desktop isocialgame.vnns then you will need to perform Windows troubleshooting lượt thích running sfc.scannow or system restore or repair/reinstall to lớn the extent.

Do let us know which one worked for you to show or hide Windows 10 desktop isocialgame.vnns. We hope that this blog turned out to lớn be useful and accurate for you. Vì share your experience in socialgame.vnmments section lớn value showroom the information.