Nothing is more annoying than not being able to lớn get your email when you want it & be presented with a sometimes very cryptic or a seeming meaningless error code instead.Bạn sẽ xem: Sửa lỗi send receive error outlook 2010

Although there are a multitude of error codes that you could be presented with, there are a couple of common solutions that work for many cases.

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Aside from offering common solutions, this guide also contains a list of send/receive error codes which you may encounter & their meaning. For certain error codes, a more specific solution is mentioned.

Check your email account settingsDisable vi khuẩn scanner integrationCheck your firewall settingsIssues with add-insCheck data store integrityStuck message or hidden read receiptOther send/receive issuesSend/Receive error codesEnhanced Mail System Status Codes

Check your thư điện tử account settings.


If you just configured your mail account and are directly presented with a send/receive error, you should start with verifying if your account settings are correct. You can get this information from your ISP or thư điện tử administrator. Settings for several large free email providers can be found here.

When you are trying to send a message from another network than the network where the mailbox is located (for instance, from a hotel or a Wi-Fi hotspot, then you need lớn enable authentication for the configured SMTP hệ thống as well.

When Outlook worked before & you’re suddenly presented with send/receive errors, it is still good practice lớn verify your account settings & make sure that they are current. For example, several ISPs have increased their email security settings which could require you khổng lồ enable TLS/SSL or make port changes. Also, sometimes they have merged with other ISPs và decommission the old trương mục settings over time requiring you to lớn make changes.

Trying your tài khoản settings on another computer or creating an additional mail profile for testing could help you determining if it is an issue with your current trương mục configuration settings.

Disable vi khuẩn scanner integration.


Virus scanners which integrates themselves with Outlook are a known source of causing all sorts of send receive issues. For instance, the following time-out issues are often a result of this;

The operation timed out waiting for a response from the receiving (POP) server.A time-out occurred while communicating with the server.

Other issues that are often caused by having a virut scanner integrated with Outlook are;

Outlook being very slow in collecting your email.Messages ending up stuck in your Outbox (also see below).Messages being sent but never received.Sending or receiving blank messages.General message corruption;Font too big/small.Message not displaying at all.Meeting invitations being converted into regular emails.

Disabling your virut scanner’s integration with Outlook does not compromise your security as you’d still be sufficiently protected by the on-access scanner part of the vi khuẩn scanner. For more details see; Disable vi khuẩn scanner integration?

Check your firewall settings.


Firewalls can block incoming & outgoing traffic so make sure that Outlook and/or the required ports for email are listed as an exception to lớn go through.

If you are presented with send/receive errors after updating Outlook, you probably need to reconfigure your firewall to re-allow Outlook to pass-through again.

This is because several firewall solutions verify via a hash that it is indeed the correct outlook.exe that is trying to lớn pass through the firewall & not some virus which named itself outlook.exe. As with most updates the outlook.exe gets updated as well, you’ll need lớn accept it as safe again. You can find more information about this in the manual of your firewall solution.

Issues with add-ins


Aside from virus scanners, there could be other add-ins installed which integrate itself with the send/receive process of Outlook. Loading Outlook in Safe Mode is a good first step lớn see if add-ins are indeed the cause of the issues.

To further troubleshoot add-ins, manually disable each of them và re-enable them one-by-one to find the culprit.

Check data store integrity


If there are issues with the delivery location (your Outlook mailbox), then this could result in send/receive issues as well.

Checking the integrity of your delivery location can be done with scanpst.exe. Also verify that the data store isn’t full or that it needs to be converted from ANSI khổng lồ the Unicode format.

If you are using an Exchange account, then you could also try it with Cached Exchange Mode disabled và see if it works correctly now. If it does, rename the ost-file lớn .old và have Outlook rebuild the ost-file or verify that the configured location for the ost-file in your trương mục settings is valid.

Stuck message or hidden read receipt

A stuck message is also often a source of having send/receive issues.

While it is easy enough khổng lồ spot a message stuck in your Outbox, in some cases the stuck message can be a Read Receipt which are hidden messages & thus much harder to lớn recognize as the issues & to delete.

Other send/receive issues

Below is a short menu of other common send/receive issues which you could encounter but which are not directly identified by a send/receive error.

Password prompts In some cases Outlook can not remember your password for your mail trương mục which results in being prompted for it.Receiving duplicates When you receive multiple copies of a message or receiving the same message(s) over and over again see this guide.Rules not being processed automatically When you have rules configured but they are not executed automatically when you receive new emails, see this guide.

Send/Receive error codes

Searching in the error các mục below probably goes best with the Find function of your browser. For most browsers the keyboard shortcut for the Find function is CTRL+F. When typing in the error code, please note that the error code starts with the digit 0 và not with the letter O.

General Errors

Error CodeDescriptionError Type0x800CCC000x800CCC010x800CCC020x800CCC030x800CCC040x800CCC050x800CCC060x800CCC070x800CCC080x800CCC090x800CCC0A0x800CCC0B0x800CCC0C0x800CCC0D0x800CCC0E0x800CCC0F0x800CCC100x800CCC110x800CCC120x800CCC130x800CCC140x800CCC150x800CCC160x800CCC170x800CCC180x800CCC190x800CCC1A
Authentication did not loadLOAD_SICILY_FAILED
Invalid certificate contentINVALID_CERT_CN
Invalid certificate date.INVALID_CERT_DATE
User already connected.ALREADY_CONNECTED
Not connected lớn server.NOT_CONNECTED
Message download incompleteINCOMPLETE
Server or maildrop is busy.BUSY
Cannot locate server.CANT_FIND_HOST
Cannot connect to lớn server.FAILED_TO_CONNECT
Connection closed.CONNECTION_DROPPED
Address not known on server.INVALID_ADDRESS
Mailing danh mục not known on serverINVALID_ADDRESS_LIST
Unable khổng lồ send Winsock request.SOCKET_READ_ERROR
Unable khổng lồ read Winsock replySOCKET_WRITE_ERROR
Unable to lớn initialize Winsock.SOCKET_INIT_ERROR
Unable to open Windows SocketSOCKET_CONNECT_ERROR
User account not recognized.INVALID_ACCOUNT
User canceled operationUSER_CANCEL
Logon attempt failed.SICILY_LOGON_FAILED
A time-out occurred while communicating with the serverTIMEOUT
Unable lớn connect using SSL.SECURE_CONNECT_FAILED

Winsock Errors

Error CodeDescriptionError Type0x800CCC400x800CCC410x800CCC420x800CCC430x800CCC440x800CCC45
Network subsystem is unusable.WINSOCK_WSASYSNOTREADY
Windows Sockets cannot support this application.WINSOCK_WSAVERNOTSUPPORTED
Unable khổng lồ load Windows Sockets.WINSOCK_FAILED_WSASTARTUP
Operation now in progress. This error appears if a Windows Sockets API is called while a blocking function is in progress.WINSOCK_WSAEINPROGRESS

SMTP Errors

Error CodeDescriptionError Type0x800CCC600x800CCC610x800CCC620x800CCC630x800CCC640x800CCC650x800CCC660x800CCC670x800CCC680x800CCC690x800CCC6A0x800CCC6B0x800CCC6C0x800CCC6D0x800CCC6E0x800CCC6F0x800CCC780x800CCC790x800CCC7A0x800CCC7B
Invalid response.SMTP_RESPONSE_ERROR
Syntax error returned.SMTP_500_SYNTAX_ERROR
Parameter syntax incorrect.SMTP_501_PARAM_SYNTAX
Command not implemented.SMTP_502_COMMAND_NOTIMPL
Improper command sequence.SMTP_503_COMMAND_SEQ
Command not implemented.MTP_504_COMMAND_PARAM_NOTIMPL
Command not available.SMTP_421_NOT_AVAILABLE
Mailbox is locked and busy.SMTP_450_MAILBOX_BUSY
Mailbox not found.SMTP_550_MAILBOX_NOT_FOUND
Error processing request.SMTP_451_ERROR_PROCESSING
User mailbox is known but mailbox not on this server.SMTP_551_USER_NOT_LOCAL
No space khổng lồ store messages.SMTP_452_NO_SYSTEM_STORAGE
Storage limit exceeded.SMTP_552_STORAGE_OVERFLOW
Invalid mailbox name syntax.

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Transaction failed.SMTP_554_TRANSACT_FAILED
Unknown sender. This is caused by having the incorrect thư điện tử address in the Reply-To field.SMTP_REJECTED_SENDER
Server rejected recipients.SMTP_REJECTED_RECIPIENTS
No sender address specified.SMTP_NO_SENDER
No recipients specified.SMTP_NO_RECIPIENTS

POP3 Errors

Error CodeDescriptionError Type0x800420CB0x800CCC900x800CCC910x800CCC920x800CCC930x800CCC940x800CCC950x800CCC960x800CCC97
Mail cannot be stored on server.POP3_NO_STORE
Client response invalid.POP3_RESPONSE_ERROR
Invalid user name or user not found.POP3_INVALID_USER_NAME
Password not valid for account.POP3_INVALID_PASSWORD
Unable lớn interpret response.POP3_PARSE_FAILURE
STAT Command required.POP3_NEED_STAT
No messages on server.POP3_NO_MESSAGES
No messages marked for retrieval.POP3_NO_MARKED_MESSAGES
Message ID out of range.POP3_POPID_OUT_OF_RANGE

IMAP Errors

Error CodeDescriptionError Type0x800CCCD10x800CCCD20x800CCCD30x800CCCD40x800CCCD50x800CCCD60x800CCCD70x800CCCD80x800CCCD90x800CCCDA0x800CCCDB0x800CCCDC0x800CCCDD0x800CCCDE0x800CCCDF0x800CCCE0
Invalid response to request.IMAP_BAD_RESPONSE
Buffer limit exceeded.IMAP_BUFFER_OVERFLOW
Recovery error.IMAP_RECVR_ERROR
Connection not allowed.IMAP_CONNECTION_REFUSED
User ID has changed.IMAP_CHANGEDUID
User ID command failed.IMAP_UIDORDER
Unexpected disconnect.IMAP_UNSOLICITED_BYE
Invalid hệ thống state.IMAP_IMPROPER_SVRSTATE
Unable lớn authorize client.IMAP_AUTH_NOT_POSSIBLE
No more authorization types.IMAP_OUT_OF_AUTH_METHODS

NNTP (News Server) Errors

Error CodeDescriptionError Type0x800CCCA00x800CCCA10x800CCCA20x800CCCA30x800CCCA40x800CCCA50x800CCCA60x800CCCA70x800CCCA80x800CCCA90x800CCCAA0x800CCCAB0x800CCCAC0x800CCCAD0x800CCCAE
News hệ thống response error.NNTP_RESPONSE_ERROR
Newsgroup access failed.NNTP_NEWGROUPS_FAILED
LIST command to server failed.NNTP_LIST_FAILED
Unable khổng lồ display list.NNTP_LISTGROUP_FAILED
Unable to open group.NNTP_GROUP_FAILED
Group not on server.NNTP_GROUP_NOTFOUND
Message not on server.NNTP_ARTICLE_FAILED
Message header not found.NNTP_HEAD_FAILED
Message body toàn thân not found.NNTP_BODY_FAILED
Unable to post khổng lồ server.NNTP_POST_FAILED
Unable to lớn post to lớn server.NNTP_NEXT_FAILED
Unable khổng lồ display date.NNTP_DATE_FAILED
Unable lớn display headers.NNTP_HEADERS_FAILED
Unable lớn display MIME headers.NNTP_XHDR_FAILED
Invalid user or password.NNTP_INVALID_USERPASS

RAS (Remote Access) Errors

Error CodeDescriptionError Type0x800CCCC20x800CCCC30x800CCCC40x800CCCC50x800CCCC6
RAS/DUN process not found.RAS_PROCS_NOT_FOUND
RAS/DUN error returned.RAS_ERROR
ConnectOID damaged or missing.RAS_INVALID_CONNECTOID
Error getting dial settings.RAS_GET_DIAL_PARAMS

Enhanced Mail System Status Codes

Aside from getting the reported errors, there usually also is another error code listed. These error codes consist of 3 digits which could be separated by a dot. For instance; 553 or 5.5.3 These errors could also be sent lớn you in an e-mail (usually from System Administrator) with a Delivery Status Notification code in it.

The first number will tell you the general status of the message;

2 Success. The message has been delivered.4 Persistent Transient Failure. This means that the message was valid and accepted by the hệ thống but there is a temporary problem which prevents it from being delivered. The mail vps will usually try khổng lồ send it again later until a time out is reached. Until you get the a message that the vps is giving up (see “5” below), there is no direct need lớn resend the message.5 Permanent. This is a fatal error and the message sent cannot be delivered. It’s unlikely that the message can be delivered by a simple resend. A change must be made either within the message (wrong address, too big, too many recipients, etc), within the trương mục settings or at the mail server of the sender or receiver.

The second 2 numbers will give you more details about why the message is delayed or failed;

X.0.0 Other undefined StatusX.1.0 Other address statusX.1.1 Bad destination mailbox addressX.2.0 Bad destination system addressX.1.3 Bad destination mailbox address syntaxX.1.4 Destination mailbox address ambiguousX.1.5 Destination mailbox address validX.1.6 Mailbox has movedX.1.7 Bad sender’s mailbox address syntaxX.1.8 Bad sender’s system addressX.1.9 Message relayed khổng lồ non-compliant mailerX.2.0 Other or undefined mailbox statusX.2.1 Mailbox disabled, not accepting messagesX.2.2 Mailbox fullX.2.3 Message length exceeds administrative limit.X.2.4 Mailing các mục expansion problemX.3.0 Other or undefined mail system statusX.3.1 Mail system fullX.3.2 System not accepting network messagesX.3.3 System not capable of selected featuresX.3.4 Message too big for systemX.3.5 System incorrectly configuredX.4.0 Other or undefined network or routing statusX.4.1 No answer from hostX.4.2 Bad connectionX.4.3 Routing hệ thống failureX.4.4 Unable lớn routeX.4.5 Network congestionX.4.6 Routing loop detectedX.4.7 Delivery time expiredX.5.0 Other or undefined protocol statusX.5.1 Invalid commandX.5.2 Syntax errorX.5.3 Too many recipientsX.5.4 Invalid command argumentsX.5.5 Wrong protocol versionX.5.6 Authentication Exchange line is too longX.6.0 Other or undefined truyền thông media error/bad contentX.6.1 media not supportedX.6.2 Conversion required và prohibited/bad tên miền or aliasX.6.3 Conversion required but not supportedX.6.4 Conversion with loss performedX.6.5 Conversion failedX.6.6 Message nội dung not availableX.7.0 Other or undefined security status/authentication failure/violating site policyX.7.1 Delivery not authorized, message refusedX.7.2 Mailing menu expansion prohibitedX.7.3 Security conversion required but not possibleX.7.4 Security features not supportedX.7.5 Cryptographic failureX.7.6 Cryptographic algorithm not supportedX.7.7 Message integrity failureX.7.8 Trust relationship required/Authentication credentials invalidX.7.9 Authentication mechanism is too weakX.7.10 Encryption NeededX.7.11 Encryption required for requested authentication mechanismX.7.12 A password transition is neededX.7.13 User account DisabledX.7.14 Trust relationship requiredX.7.15 Authentication credentials invalidX.7.16 Future release per-user message quota exceededX.7.17 Future release system message quota exceeded

Common combinations are;

421 or 4.2.1450 or 4.5.0451 or 4.5.1452 or 4.5.2453 or 4.5.3500 or 5.0.0501 or 5.0.1502 or 5.0.2503 or 5.0.3504 or 5.0.4550 or 5.5.0551 or 5.5.1552 or 5.5.2553 or 5.5.3554 or 5.5.4
Service not available, the connection will be closed (the server could be about to lớn be restarted)
Requested kích hoạt failed: mailbox unavailable (for instance, the mailbox is busy or locked)
Requested action aborted due to lớn an error on the hệ thống (contact your ISP)
Requested kích hoạt not taken due khổng lồ insufficient system storage on the vps (contact your ISP)
Requested kích hoạt not taken due khổng lồ policy settings (for instance, too many recipients specified)
Syntax error, command unrecognized (This may include errors such as command line too long)
Syntax error in parameters or arguments
Command not implemented
Bad sequence of commands
Command parameter not implemented (for instance, Helo command rejected: need fully-qualified hostname)
Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (for instance, mailbox not found, no access due lớn policy reasons)
User not local & an issue occurred when the hệ thống tried lớn forward the message.
Requested mail kích hoạt aborted: exceeded storage allocation
Requested kích hoạt not taken: mailbox name not allowed for instance, the mailbox name is invalid)
Transaction failed

More details about the individual error codes can be found within the base RFC document & its listed updates at the top.

Other error codes

Aside from the above listed error codes, there are many more error codes which you could encounter during send/receive. These usually refer to lớn internal errors from Outlook, are specific to a certain mail vps or are actually coming from your vi khuẩn scanner or another add-in that integrates with your send/receive or networking process.

Due to lớn the nature & origins of these error codes, the menu below will probably always remain incomplete. If you encounter a new send/receive error, have a better mô tả tìm kiếm or even a solution for it, please email it khổng lồ me (preferably with a screenshot of the error attached) và I’ll update the menu accordingly.